Patuxolo Nokwali

Carbo Ferrum

PATUXOLO is the Chief Marketing Officer and Human Resource Director with the responsibility for marketing programs, brand management & corporate sponsorships for the business. Also responsible for the SHEQ requirements and compliance of the Business.

Pat also oversees all the aspects of human resource management including but not limited to recruitment and employee development.  Additionally, he ensures that policies & procedures are properly applied in accordance with the Acts and Council( Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council, BCEA, LRA, etc).

Pat is also a shareholder in a company called Siyavuya Power Projects where he previously worked and attained vast experience in the electrical construction industry and managing projects.

He holds a B-Tech degree in Human Resource Development, ND Human Resource Management, National N Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Trade test in Electrical.  Construction Regulations, NEC3 as well as Trade Test Certification.

In his spare time, he likes to watch TV and play soccer.